If I am For Myself, Then Who am I?

As Trau Bros strides confidently into its second century, we ensure that our success will always be shared with others. We pride ourselves on the wide range of charity and social activism we do across the globe, especially in the local communities housing our facilities. Here are a few of our initiatives:

  • We work with SInasra, a Namibian charity to assist people with Albinism. This involves providing them with special protective clothing and general medical care to help protect them from skin cancer.
  • We fund hospitals.
  • We provide interest-free loans to eligible applicants. This has served a large amount of people over the Covid pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis.
  • We fund local schools in the countries which house our facilities.
  • Trau Bros is proud to host International Albinism Awareness Day events. This allows us to challenge the stigmas, discrimination and threats, that people with albinism are often subjected to.