As diamantaires, we understand the true beauty and value of the earth and its resources, we must all play our part in protecting and cherishing it.

Renewable Energy

Trau Bros is delighted to announce that since 2023 our factory in Namibia has been producing all of its own electricity from renewable sources. Solar panels have been installed across the roof of our factory, assuring that our factory is powered solely by renewable energy. Surplus electricity is sent to the City of Windhoek, so our surrounding communities can also benefit from our clean, green energy.

Reforestation and Carbon Offsetting

Trau Bros is strongly committed to reforestation and investing in the world’s beautiful woodlands. We have planted a forest of trees as part of our reforestation efforts and as part of our Carbon offsetting programme. We hope to see many more trees planted and witness the world’s forests be restored to their beautiful natural glory.