May 28th 2008 Monte Carlo. Scintilla Monaco’s latest creation “La Rose” mesmerized in a display of brilliance and colour. The alluring montage of fancy coloured and shaped diamonds tantalised, in this rose sculptured collection of jewellery, during its prestigious unveiling earlier today in Monte Carlo, from where the collection derives.

Hosted in the glamourous port of Monte Carlo the luxurious launch party was held aboard the  beautiful and historical steam yacht the S.S. Delphine. The distinguished gathering included some of the most prestigious guests and families from around the world. During the evening an auction was held for the very first piece from the “La Rose” collection, with the proceedings being presented to the President of Princess Grace Foundation.

“La Rose” is the result of a collaboration between Parisian designer Susie Otero and Scintilla Monaco.
Otero has brilliantly applied her wealth of knowledge and experience gained from the couture end of the fine jewellery market, to conceive stylish and elegant jeweller y with a feminine influence. “The sophisticated beauty of Princess Grace of Monaco and Her love and predilection for roses inspired my work and the La Rose collection is completely dedicated to this flower” explains Susie Otero.

“La Rose denotes a turning point in the creative path of Scintilla Monaco” comments Arnaud Flambeau, the new CEO, who took the decisive step towards the brand’s new style. “In fact for the first time we have introduced pieces that incorporate the use of fancy coloured diamonds, pearls, and a greater array of diamonds cut in rare and fancy shapes. This created a departure from the styles that exclusively characterized our designs until today”, continues Flambeau. “This development satisfies a more stylistic direction that the brand has adopted to answer the craving for self-expression and beauty that characterizes contemporary women”.

It is the intention of Scintilla Monaco that “La Rose” establishes itself not only as a fine range of jewellery but also as a symbol synonymous with the brand, and as the identifying signature of Scintilla Monaco that can be easily recognised in the exclusive boutiques and fine jewellers of which they showcase globally.