Strategic Partner Alliance (SPA)

At Trau Bros we develop strong relationships with our clients. Whether you are an importer, wholesaler or jewelry manufacturer we understand your needs.
Our clients' success is our success.
We offer:

  • Support in Product Innovation and Branding
  • Co-op marketing Activities; Sponsorships & Special Events
  • Participation in De Beers Sales Services and Marketing Initiatives
  • Strategic Marketing Advice
  • Latest Diamond Trend Data

Our team of sales and marketing experts provide you tailor made solutions for your business and help you unlock revenue growth opportunities. We are truly Partners. SPA focuses on a smaller base of clients who are specialized in their specific field be it the article they deal with or geographic region. To name a few of our elite SPA:

  • New York
  • London
  • Tokyo
  • Antwerp Sales - International
  • David Fiskus & Sons
  • Henig Diamonds

  • Medan Corporation
  • 8F 1-22-12 Ginza Chuo ku Tokyo Japan